post-doctoral position in exoplanet research (Leuven, Belgium) - JRID41464

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March 31, 2012
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March 31, 2012
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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Leuven University, Belgium
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Large Academic
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Leen Decin
Institute for Astronomy, K.U.Leuven
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Celestijnenlaan 200D
Leuven (Heverlee)
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We seek candidates for two postdoctoral research positions, ready to play a key role in a new interdisciplinary project on exoplanet atmosphere modeling. The goal is to develop a 3D exoplanet atmosphere model where circulation dynamics, dust formation, chemistry and ultimately non-LTE radiative transfer modeling gets combined in a new state-of-the-art computational tool. The exoplanet atmosphere models will be benchmarked against solar system planet data, and must pave the way to use the detailed spectral characterisation of exoplanets which will be possible through the future James Webb Space Telescope.

We seek one postdoc preferentially having experience with existing atmospheric flow computations, and having in any case sufficient experience in implementing and exploiting advanced numerical algorithms for fluid dynamics. The other postdoc should have experience in either chemical-dynamical models with the aim to include microphysical cloud modelling or in multi-D non-LTE radiative transfer.

The postdocs will interact with two PhDs obtaining improved info on the pressure-temperature dependent chemical kinetics. The interdisciplinary project is carried out in collaboration with Prof. Leen Decin from the Institute for Astronomy, Prof. R. Keppens from the Center of Plasma-Astrophysics, and with Prof. S. Carl and Prof. M. Nguyen from the Chemistry department, all at K.U.Leuven.

You will be employed for a fixed period of 2 years.
Applications must include a letter of interest, a CV with clear indication of
achieved grades, and must be accompanied by two recommendation letters.

Information can be obtained from

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