Postdoctoral contracts (5 yrs) at SIM – Laboratory for Systems, Instrumentation and Modeling in Science and Technology for Space and the Environment - JRID41637

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February 29, 2012
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February 29, 2012
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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SIM -- Laboratory for Systems, Instrumentation and Modeling in Science and Technology for Space and the Environment
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Research Laboratory
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Paulo Garcia
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SIM is a key space sciences research unit in Portugal, having a national scope with offices in Lisbon and Porto. Instrumentation activities include leading the Portuguese participation in the ESA/GAIA satellite and in the ESO/GRAVITY experiment; participation in the ESO/ESPRESSO spectrograph. Our astrophysical activities range from star and planet formation to galactic structure, including models and observations.

The infrastructures completely allocated to the center include a data processing center with 160 xeon processor cores and 100TB of disk, an optical instrument control interferometer, vacuum and cryogenic facilities.

The applicants are expected to have an excellent record and to lead an ambitious research programme during the 5 year contract. They will integrate in the team, with large research liberty, international collaborations being strongly supported. The recruiting priorities are:

Lisbon: Astronomical instrumentation and data processing, planets, astrophysical exploitation of GAIA, namely in the fields of: a) structure and evolution the Milkyway; b) star clusters and c) stellar variability.

Porto: scientific preparation of the E-ELT, high angular resolution techniques (interferometry, adaptive optics), origins of stars and planets (theory and observations).

Applications will be received immediately. The selected postdocs will be supported to the national science foundation (FCT) application. Starting dates for contracts range from 4Q 2012 to 2Q 2013. Contract duration is 5 years. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae (including list of publications) and a description of research interests (2 pages max.). Inquiries as well as the applications should be directed to both: André Moitinho ( and Paulo Garcia (


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