Postdoc position on theoretical and numerical stellar astrophysics: The winds of cool massive stars

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022
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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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Large Academic
Institute of Astronomy, KU Leuven
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Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Celestijnenlaan 200D
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The Institute of Astronomy of the KU Leuven (Belgium) seeks highly motivated and excellent applicants to take on an important role in the MAESTRO project. Applications are invited for a post-doc position financed through a prestigious research grant (C1) from the KU Leuven university. The selected candidate will join the MAESTRO team, under supervision of Professor Leen Decin, and in close collaboration with Profs. Hugues Sana, Jon Sundqvist and Alex de Koter. The selected candidate will be member of an international network of collaborators obtaining crucial observational constraints and developing new theoretical methods needed to advance our understanding of cool and hot massive-star winds.

Here, we specifically advertise the following post-doc position (with preferred starting date around 1 March 2023) on "Theoretical and numerical modelling of the winds of cool stars".

The post-doc will be involved in a team-effort to build a modern numerical code for modelling the winds of cool stars, including hydrodynamics, (non-equilibrium) chemistry, and radiative transfer and including the impact of a stellar or planetary companion. The post-doc will be involved in the daily supervision of master and PhD students working on this topic in the MAESTRO project.

The selected post-doc will be offered a 2-year contract with a possible extension of maximum 1 year. The salary will be commensurate to the standard scale for post-doc researcher in Belgium and will depend on the number of years of experience after PhD. The preferred starting date shall be between February 1st 2023 and May 1st 2023 but can be negotiated.

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Thursday, December 15, 2022
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