Support Astronomer at East Asian ALMA Regional Center

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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Thursday, June 28, 2018
Job Summary
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Faculty Positions (visiting and non-tenure)
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National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
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Chile Observatory
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2-21-1 Osawa
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Position: ARC Support Astronomer (5-year non-tenure-track associate professor or assistant professor, based on annual salary system, one position)


(1) Division: NAOJ Chile Observatory, East Asian ARC

(2) Duty station: Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan

Job Description:

Join the EA-ARC team as a Support Astronomer to

  • Conduct the tasks needed for ALMA science operations;
  • Do scientific research using ALMA.

The Science Operations tasks conducted by the team include:

  • Support of preparation of ALMA observations or evaluation/reduction of the observed ALMA data;
  • Promotion of science with ALMA by contributions at science meetings and ALMA East Asian Users Meeting;
  • Contribution to Astronomer on Duty or systems/science verification at JAO in Chile (one month visit to JAO per year);
  • Support of ASTE observations.

In addition to above, candidate associate professor is expected to lead some of the ARC major activities (proposal preparation support, observing program preparation support, data reduction and data quality assurance, pipeline data reduction, user helpdesk, etc.).

Support Astronomer will assign 75% of his/her working time for the above duties. The remaining 25% shall be used for his/her own scientific research such as:

  • Excellent scientific research with ALMA;
  • Exploration of new research fields with ALMA.


The term starts on or after 2018 October 1 and is for five years. Annual performance review will be conducted. In case that the successful candidate was an NINS employee after 2013 April 1, the term may be set so that the total accumulated terms of the employment does not exceed ten years.


The applicant shall have the following qualification and capabilities:

  • Doctor's degree (or equivalent) in astronomy or related fields;
  • Knowledge on astronomy;
  • Willingness to make observational researches with interest using radio astronomy instruments;
  • Capability to join, discuss and collaborate in English-speaking teams;
  • Willingness to collaborate with the members of EA-ARC and other ARCs in doing science verification and user support.


Send the following documents (in English) in PDF file(s) attached to an e-mail:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae (including a summary of your research activities; explain your role in the case of group/project achievements)
  3. Application category (specially appointed associate professor or specially appointed assistant professor)
  4. List of publications (separate refereed and non-refereed papers; explain your role in co-authored publications)
  5. PDF copies of three major research publications
  6. Outline of your plan for the job (include your research plan as needed)
  7. Names and e-mail addresses of two or more reference persons
  8. Information for quick correspondence (e-mail address, phone number)


  • Work type of this position is discretionary work, and standard work hours is 38.75 hrs/week.
  • Application documents will be used only for the purpose of the selection of this position, and those documents of the applicants other than the successful candidate will be discarded.
  • Selected candidates in the final short list may be interviewed by the selection committee either via internet or face-to-face. The expenses for the interview will not be covered by NAOJ.
  • Abiding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, NAOJ is committed to the realization of a society with gender equality. If two candidates are deemed equal in their performance evaluation, NAOJ will take positive action to employ women. For details, see
Application Deadline: 
Monday, July 2, 2018
Selection Deadline: 
Monday, August 6, 2018
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Accepting Applicants
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Prof. Seiichi Sakamoto
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
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Chile Observatory
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Application for EA-ARC Support Astronomer
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Prof. Seiichi Sakamoto, Director of NAOJ Chile Observatory
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