2020A KASI Postdoctoral Positions

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Thursday, December 19, 2019
Archive Date: 
Thursday, January 16, 2020
Job Summary
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Korea (Republic of)
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  The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) is a government-funded research institute located in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. We conduct front-line research in various fields of astronomy, astrophysics and space science, develop astronomical instruments and operate facilities in Korea and overseas. We are currently looking for creative and outstanding postdoctoral scientists.

○ The Areas of Recruitment

P1_ Galaxy clusters (simulations, multi-wavelength data, survey telescopes) (2 Position)
P2_ Research on the KMTNet optical survey data.(1 Position)
P3_ MUSE Studies of Galaxies in Galaxy Clusters(1 Position)
P4_ Radio astronomy(2 Position)
P5_ Astronomy and Astrophysics using Korean VLBI Network (KVN)(1 Position)
P6_ SPHEREx Instrumentation or Science(2 Position)
P7_ Solar corona science(1 Position)
P8_ GNSS / Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere(1 Position)
P9_ Theoretical cosmology (early universe, large-scale structure, large-scale optical spectroscopic/radio continuum survey analysis)(4 Position)
P10_ Development of Gravitational Wave Detector Technology(2 Position)
P11_ Co-phasing technology development for Segmented mirrors(1 Position)
P12_ IGRINS Postdoctoral position at Center for Large Telescopes (CfLAT)(1 Position)

  ※ New hires may be appointed as postdocs only if their start date is within 5 years of receiving their PhD. 

○ Applicants should apply online at https://www.kasi.re.kr/eng/post/eng_jobopening
(by 2020.1.17.(Fri) PM5:00 KST)
○ Candidates must upload
1) A curriculum vitae,
2) Research achievement and plan 
3) 5-year Publication and project list

○ Schedule for the Selection Process
1) Document review: 2020.2.3.(Mon) ~ 2020.2.5(Wed)
2) Presentation & Interview: 2020.2.18(Tue) ~ 2020.2.21(Fri)
 ※ The result of each selection process will be informed to the applicants through e-mail.
○ Presentation about the Research
1) About the past research achievements and future research plan (PPT 10~15 pages)
2) Duration: 30 minutes including 20 minutes of presentation, 10 minutes of Q&A
     (This will be adjusted by the number of successful applicants.)
3) For foreigners abroad, the presentation and interview will be conducted via Skype.

○ A photocopy of the diploma should be presented when the candidate joins the KASI. 

○ The successful candidate will be provided with the remuneration (starting from around 44,400,000 KRW(about 39,400 USD) per annum excluding severance pay) depending on qualification, research budget and financial supplement for health insurance and national pension, one-way airfare to join the KASI (economy class), and a dormitory room for single/double if needed. (dorm fees : 150,000/90,000 KRW) The KASI is committed to increasing its diversity and welcomes applications from women, minorities and people with disabilities.

○ To proceed with a fair recruitment process, the personally identifiable information which is unrelated to one’s work such as name (first name and surname), picture, names of educational institutions, gender, sexual orientation, address, family or relatives cannot be mentioned in the CV, Research plan, or other necessary documents.
○ The applicant is responsible for the disadvantage caused by Error/Mistake, omission and being impossible to contact. 
○ Depending on the results of CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK of applicants from their own countries, the ineligible applicant’s employment will be nullified.
○ If a false information is found in the submitted documents, your employment will be canceled.
○ The position and salary of the successful applicants is evaluated by the internal rules of KASI.

Application Deadline: 
Thursday, January 16, 2020
Selection Deadline: 
Sunday, March 15, 2020
Current Status of Position: 
No Status Given (Opted Out)
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Korea (Republic of)
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