Astrophysicist (Post-Doctorial Research Fellow)

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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Government Agency
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
United States of America
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Astrophysicist (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Trust Fund (Non-Federal), temporary note to exceed three years

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO, part of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) invites applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship to work with Dr. Giuseppina Fabbiano within the High Energy Astrophysics Division. The incumbent will conduct research on active galactic nuclei (AGN) and their host galaxies, with emphasis on posing observational constraints to the AGN / host galaxy interaction and feedback in disk galaxies, using high resolution Chandra observations together with Hubble and multi-wavelength ground based data as appropriate. The aim of the analysis is to set observational constraints on physical processes, and energy and momentum transfer from the AGN to the cold ISM. The results of the data analysis will be compared with state of the art simulations and theoretical predictions in the literature.

The incumbent will work with Drs. Fabbiano, Martin Elvis, Peter Maksym and other members of their large, international collaboration. This will include data analysis with a range of existing techniques and tools, as well as developing computer programs and scripts as needed. The incumbent will participate in the interpretation of the results, in collaboration with other colleagues, will be an active participant in group discussions, prepare summaries and papers for publications, and will deliver talks to conferences. The incumbent will participate in writing observing proposals as needed to foster the scientific investigations.

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The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in our workplace.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019
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Sunday, July 14, 2019
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