Two PhD positions at Lund Observatory

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions
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Large Academic
Lund University
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Lund Observatory
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Box 43
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Research fields of galaxy and planet formation is in rapid development, fuelled by the wealth of new observational data and the advent of more and more powerful supercomputers. Funding has been obtained from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg (KAW) Foundation and the European Research Council (ERC) to hire two PhD students in theoretical and computational astrophysics at Lund Observatory, focusing on planet or galaxy formation.

The PhD students will work within the subjects: 

- Planets (w. Anders Johansen): (1) the growth of from dust to pebbles in protoplanetary discs, (2) the formation of terrestrial planets, super-Earths and giant planets by accretion of planetesimals and pebbles and (3) the chemical composition of planets.

- Galaxies (w. Oscar Agertz): (1) cosmological simulations of galaxy formation and evolution (2) the formation of stars and star clusters in galaxies across cosmic time (3) impact of feedback processes on galaxy formation.

In addition to working on the topics listed above, the students will work within the inspiring environment at Lund Observatory, which currently hosts 26 scientific staff, including postdocs, and 13 PhD students.

Candidates should send a curriculum vitae and a brief statement of research interest. The application should also include the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of two persons who have agreed to serve as a reference for the applicant. Note that reference letters should not be sent to us in connection with the application; we will contact the reference persons when required.

Applications should be submitted electronically - please follow the link below.

Included Benefits: 

All employees in Sweden and at Lund University enjoy full access to the national health care system. The position includes 5 weeks paid annual leave. For employees with small children there are extra possibilities of leave and there are state provided daycare facilities.

Application Deadline: 
Friday, December 1, 2017
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Friday, December 15, 2017
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Accepting Applicants
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Anders Johansen, Oscar Agertz