Chief of NASA Goddard’s Astroparticle Physics Laboratory

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Friday, March 16, 2018
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Friday, May 11, 2018
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Science Management
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Government Agency
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Astroparticle Physics Laboratory
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Code 661
United States of America
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NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center plans to hire a visionary, dynamic scientist to serve as the Chief of its Astroparticle Physics Laboratory, within the Astrophysics Science Division.

Scientists within the Astroparticle Physics Laboratory fulfill NASA’s mission by investigating the physics and astrophysics of cosmic high-energy particles and gamma  rays. They address this mission through a diverse range of scientific activities performed by a diverse range of scientists.

The Laboratory is a leader in multi-messenger and time-domain astrophysics from space observatories. Astrophysical targets of interest include gamma-ray bursts, black holes, neutron stars, novae, supernovae, and interstellar particles and fields. The research groups build instruments for NASA missions, analyze the resulting data, and study their implications. Theoretical interpretations of these results lead to a new understanding of the high-energy Universe. Lab scientists lead the Swift and Fermi missions. New instrumentation and technology for future NASA missions continue to be developed through laboratory research and balloon-flight testing. The Lab comprises 14 civil servant scientists and nearly 30 university scientists and postdoctoral fellows, plus graduate students.

The Lab Chief is expected to lead an independent program of research in gamma-ray astrophysics, cosmic-ray astrophysics, or other related areas. The Lab Chief is expected to work with Laboratory staff to develop and execute a consensus vision for the Laboratory’s future direction. The Lab Chief develops and manages a coherent research and mission operations support program in accordance with NASA programmatic goals. Special emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of, and serving as an advocate for, the scientists within the lab and the scientific content of the various projects and research activities being pursued. Supporting its diversity of activities and people enables the Laboratory to find unique and powerful solutions to the questions and problems of astroparticle physics.

For additional information about NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the Astrophysics Science Division, and the Astroparticle Physics Laboratory, please go to:

US citizenship is required for this position; a Ph.D. or equivalent degree is strongly desired.  Interested applicants should send a CV, a statement of research interests, and a list of references to Dr. Robert Petre at by May 15, 2018. Additional application material will be required through the USAJobs website; the USAJobs posting of this position is anticipated for mid-May 2018.

NASA/GSFC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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This is a US government civil service position.  All standard civil service benefits are included - health plan, pension, optional Thrift Savings Plan, optional insurance.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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Accepting Applicants
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Robert Petre
Director of Astrophysics
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Code 660
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United States of America