PhD position in supernova studies

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Friday, October 8, 2021
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Friday, November 5, 2021
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Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions
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Large Academic
Stockholm University
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Department of Astronomy
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The Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University has about 80 employees, with research in the fields of Supernovae, Galaxies, Computational Astrophysics, Solar Physics and Planet and Star Formation.

The supernova group has leading expertise in both observational and theoretical aspects of supernovae. We are part of current and future observational campaigns (ZTF, ENGRAVE, ePESSTO+, NUTS2, Rubin Observatory), and develop state-of-the-art computer models for the physical conditions and light curve/spectral formation processes in the supernova. Putting these components together our goal is to elucidate the origin, explosion physics, powering mechanisms, and element production of supernovae. One of the main science questions that motivates our work is understanding the origin of the elements in the Universe. Supernovae also give a unique view of the interiors of exploded stars, and probe the behaviour of matter at the most extreme densities encountered in cosmos.

A PhD candidate, with a strong passion for physics, is sought to work with Dr. Anders Jerkstrand on a Swedish Research Council-funded project related to improving our understanding of these transients. This could relate to supernovae from massive stars (core-collapse), thermonuclear explosions of white dwarfs, or other explosive transients like kilonovae (r-process rich ejecta from neutron star mergers). The project will likely be quite focused on modelling, but also involve interpreting observations.

The research group of Dr. Jerkstrand is rapidly growing, with current funding by an ERC Starting Grant, Swedish National Space Board, the Swedish Research Council and the Wallenberg Foundation. The group currently consists of two PhD students, three post-docs, and one Master student. We specialize in studying and simulating the physics underlying the formation of electromagnetic observables of explosive transients, generating models that we and the community then use to infer properties of observed supernovae as well as in designing new observational campaigns. We take a leading role in collaborations with local, national, and international partners to connect the multitude of state-of-the-art physical modelling and analysis needed to drive the research forefront forward. We look forward to your application (note the quite soon deadline of Nov 5 2021) and welcoming you into the group!

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Full Swedish pension, healthcare, parental leave benefits.

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Friday, November 5, 2021
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Anders Jerkstrand
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Anders Jerkstrand