Assistant/Associate Professor position at the University of Birmingham

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Friday, December 17, 2021
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Friday, February 11, 2022
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Faculty Positions (tenure and tenure-track)
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Large Academic
University of Birmingham
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School of Physics & Astronomy
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West Midlands
B15 2TT
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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The Sun, Stars and Exoplanets research group at the University of Birmingham is seeking a talented researcher and teacher to join its permanent staff as an Assistant or Associate Professor, particularly individuals with expertise diversifying, but complimentary to, the research already performed. The group’s interests currently range from stellar astrophysics to exoplanetary observations and orbital dynamics, and from stellar modelling to exoplanet interior and atmospheric modelling. The group is particularly keen to attract individuals with a strong programme of research likely to attract funding from schemes such as the ERC. 

In the image of a diverse universe, the group welcomes applications from all backgrounds to enrich its internal culture and create an environment representative of the wider public.


The Sun, Stars and Exoplanets group is heavily involved in the upcoming PLATO mission, is a long-time member of TASC and KASC, operates a worldwide network of solar telescopes called BiSON, operates a robotic 1m optical telescope at Paranal Observatory as part of the SPECULOOS search for habitable Earth-like planets, and is a partner in ASTEP, a 40cm telescope located within Antarctica. The group currently holds two ERC grants, a Leverhulme Trust grant, a UK Space Agency grant, and several STFC grants and projects. The group benefits from recently renovated offices.

The group currently consists of Prof. Amaury Triaud (Head of Group) who focuses on exoplanet observations, Prof. Bill Chaplin (now Head of the School of Physics & Astronomy at Birmingham), an expert in asteroseismology and helioseismology, and Dr Guy Davies who applies machine learning and advanced statistical methods to asteroseismic and exoplanetary datasets. In addition, the group includes honorary Prof. Yvonne Elsworth (RAS gold medal in 2020), our BiSON Network Manager, one secretary, six postdoctoral researchers, and 8 PhD students. Birmingham's School of Physics & Astronomy also has another research group focussing on extragalactic and gravitational wave astronomy which has nine academics. Both groups interact regularly.


To apply, provide a CV (2 pages max), and include a 2 page document pitching your research interests and how you influence the further research direction of the Sun, Stars and Exoplanets group. Please give the names and contact details of three referees able to provide reference letters.

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2022 for full consideration.

Start date: in place by 01 September 2022

Starting salary: from £42,149 to £51,799, commensurate with experience, and with incremental rise usually in October.


Pay Compensation
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$55950.00 (USD)
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$68760.00 (USD)
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Interested candidates can also look at the following page for a list of benefits:


Application Deadline: 
Monday, January 31, 2022
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Thursday, March 31, 2022
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Accepting Applicants
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Birmingham hiring committee
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Amaury Triaud