James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Thursday, November 16, 2017
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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Large Academic
New York University
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Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics
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726 Broadway, Rm 958
New York
United States of America
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The Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics (CCPP) at NYU anticipates awarding a James Arthur Postdoctoral Fellowship to start in September 2018. James Arthur Fellows pursue independent research projects and work with others in the group as their interests dictate.  Selection will be based on evidence of the potential to make important contributions in one or more of the following research areas: astrophysics (theoretical and observational), astroparticle physics, cosmology and particle physics. An emphasis will be on applications for individuals who can connect multiple areas of the CCPP. Submitted applications will be also considered for postdoctoral openings supported by individual faculty.

CCPP faculty members generally have broad interests.  The following is a list of faculty and their current primary activity:  Professors Y. Ali-Haimoud (cosmology), M. Blanton (observational astrophysics; SDSS), K. Cranmer (experimental particle physics; ATLAS), S. Dubovsky (particle theory and cosmology), G. Dvali (particle theory, black holes, cosmology), G. Farrar (particle physics, astrophysics, astroparticle physics, cosmology), G. Gabadadze (particle theory, gravity and cosmology), A. Gruzinov (theoretical astrophysics and cosmology), D. W. Hogg (cosmology, stars, exoplanets), M. Kleban (string theory and cosmology), A. MacFadyen (high energy astrophysics, numerical simulations), M. Modjaz (observational astrophysics, supernovae),  M. Porrati (quantum field theory and string theory), A. Pullen (cosmology), J. Ruderman (particle theory), R. Scoccimarro (cosmology), J. Tinker (cosmology) and N. Weiner (particle and astroparticle theory, cosmology).  The Center also has close ties with NYU’s Courant Institute and the Center for Data Science.

Postdocs benefit from the lively atmosphere of the Center and a vigorous visitors program.  Members of CCPP have data access to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV, and the possibility of participating in certain projects of the Palomar Transient Factory collaboration. The Center also has close ties with NYU’s Courant Institute and Center for Data Science, as well as frequent interactions with researchers and visitors at the Simons Center for Computational Astrophysics.

Your complete application must include a CV, publication list, statement of research interests, and three letters of recommendation; the names of the people who will be submitting letters of recommendation should be listed in the application. The application should be submitted via the CCPP Online Application System located at http://cosmo.nyu.edu/opportunities.html

CCPP strives to further NYU's mission as an institution that welcomes and embraces diversity, and encourages applications from diverse candidates.

Applications received by November 15 will receive full consideration.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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Monday, January 15, 2018
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