TAO maintenance staff: Mechanical Civil Engineer(#TAO-TS-001)

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Friday, April 1, 2022
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Friday, April 29, 2022
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Scientific/Technical Staff
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The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory
San Pedro de Atacama
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The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory, TAO, is a project to operate a 6,5 meter infrared telescope at the world highest site at 5.640 meters above sea level near San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. TAO is promoted by the University of Tokyo in collaboration with many Japanese and Chilean institutes and universities. It will provide frontier sciences from cosmology to solar system through new atmospheric windows in infrared wavelength range. The TAO telescope uses the latest technologies. The primary is a light-weighted honeycomb mirror and its surface is controlled with pneumatic actuators in real time during observation. Three instruments (SWIMS and NICE for near infrared and MIMIZUKU for mid-infrared) are being prepared as the 1st generation instruments. Those instruments and all of the telescope and the enclosure system are remotely operated from outside of the summit. In San Pedro de Atacama there is a facility called “TAO base facility” which including office, laboratories, a meeting room, and accommodations.

Mechanical Civil Engineer

TAO is seeking for mechanical civil engineer(s) in order to achieve daily maintenance of the TAO facilities such as the telescope, the mirror support (actuators), the enclosure (carts, shutter, wind ventilators), instruments, and their systems.

Observations will be conducted remotely from the TAO base camp in San Pedro de Atacama or from Japan every night. Preventive maintenance as well as daily preparation are required. The maintenance team is composed of mechanical civil engineers, software staff, instrument staff, and other support staff. They go up to the summit during daytime and carry out daily maintenance in cooperation with support astronomers. Cooperative work is essentially important because of limited numbers of crew at the summit site.

• Telescope mount maintenance
• Mirror support system including water cooling chiller and air compressor maintenance
• Telescope enclosure maintenance
• Technical building and its systems maintenance 
• Both the upper chamber and the lower chamber with a cart maintenance
• Primary mirror and primary mirror cell daily checkup
• Actuators and other sub system maintenance
• Telescope instruments daily checkup and maintain as request

• Technical or university degree in Industrial fields, mechanics, or instrumentations
• At least 5 years of experience in similar positions
• Experience in vacuum chambers operations
• Computer skills to use Excel, Word, Power Point and E-mail system
• Good abilities of written and spoken English and Spanish
• Organized and responsible character with a good service-oriented profile, and good interpersonal relations

This position is based in TAO base facility in San Pedro de Atacama located in the Second region in Chile as well as the summit facility located in Chajnantor mountain 50 kilometers away from San Pedro de Atacama at 5.640 meters above sea level. Due to harsh weather condition such as low air pressure (about a half compared to the sea level), strong UV radiation, cold temperature, and strong winds, she/he should have normal occupational exams, hypoxia test, and treadmill test and pass them before employment.

TAO position is equally open for suitably qualified male or female applicants, candidates are invited to submit the following information to [email protected] with a subject “TAO-TS-001” no later than 29th April 2022.
1. Resume in English.
2. Explanatory cover letter indicating how you comply with the job requirements.
3. The names and information of three professional references.
4. Monthly gross salary expectations.


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Friday, April 29, 2022
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Accepting Applicants
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