Experimental Radio Cosmology Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Friday, December 1, 2017
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Friday, March 2, 2018
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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Government Agency
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ASIAA is accepting applications for a postdoctoral associate for the ASIAA Intensity Mapping (AIM) project with expertise in radio astronomy instrumentation, interferometric data analysis, cosmology, and/or galaxy evolution.  The postdoc will work primarily on data obtained with the Yuan-Tseh Lee Array (YTLA) telescope. 

The AIM experiment seeks to measure the integrated extragalactic CO emission at redshifts from 1 to 3 on angular scales of arcminutes to tens of arcminutes.  The YTLA is a 7-element, hexagonally close-packed interferometer operating at 3mm wavelength, located on Mauna Loa, HI. Deployment of new analog and digital correlator electronics are enabling the intensity mapping survey program.  The YTLA will carry-out a multi-year CO intensity mapping survey.

The postdoc will work closely with AIM team members on instrument calibration, observations, and scientific analysis.  Experience with radio instrumentation, interferometric data calibration and analysis, power spectrum analysis, cross-correlation analysis, or galaxy evolution is desirable.  Willingness to learn new skills and work in a small group on an experimental project is essential.

Development of an independent research program that exploits the YTLA or other facilities is encouraged.  ASIAA has access to numerous facilities including ALMA, the SMA, the JCMT, Subaru, and CFHT.

The postdoc will be integrated with the AIM groups in Taipei, Taiwan and Hilo, Hawaii, and may be based in either location.

Applicants should hold a Ph.D. degree in astronomy/astrophysics, physics, engineering or equivalent fields. Those who are expecting to receive a PhD degree soon can also apply.  Applicants should apply online and submit:  (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a publication list, (3) a summary of past and current research or instrumentation experience (limited to 3 pages), and (4) a plan for future research (limited to 3 pages of text, with at most 2 additional pages for figures and references).

Applicants are also requested to arrange three letters of recommendation to be submitted online at the same site.

Applications and three letters of recommendation submitted by or on 28 February 2018 will receive full consideration.

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Health insurance and pension are provided. Please see the Academia Sinica website for more information:

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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No Status Given (Opted Out)
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Dr. Geoffrey Bower
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