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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Thursday, October 12, 2017
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Post-doctoral Positions and Fellowships
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Small Academic
School of Physics and Astronomy
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The University

Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) was founded in 1924 and currently hosts five campuses: three in the cosmopolitan city of Guangzhou, one in Shenzhen, and one in Zhuhai, a beautiful seashore town next to Macau. At the heart of the Pearl River region, it aims to become a leading educational and academic institution in southern China.

The School

The School of Physics and Astronomy is situated in the Zhuhai campus of SYSU. It is committed to cutting-edge research of the highest quality in astrophysics, cosmology, gravitation, quantum physics, space science, and theoretical physics. It also leads the commissioning of TianQin: a planned space-borne gravitational wave detector. It also aims to produce undergraduates and graduates with a strong foundation in physics and astrophysics. The Astrophysics group currently has interests in cosmology, large-scale structures, dark matter and dark energy, gravitational wave astrophysics, computational and numerical astrophysics, high energy astrophysics, as well as stars and planets.

The Opportunities

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the respective supervisors for further details:

Theoretical and numerical studies of cosmology, particle cosmology, gravitation: Miao LI (contact: Shu LIN,

Computational cosmology, statistics of Large Scale Structure of the Universe: Longlong FENG (

Computational cosmology, galaxy formation: Weipeng LIN (

Theoretical cosmology, CMB, large scale structure, dark energy, Inflation, preheating: Zhiqi HUANG (

Computational Magnetohydrodynamics, Exoplanet and Planet Formation: Cong YU (

Theoretical cosmology and modified gravity: Xian GAO (

Atomic and molecular processes in the circumstellar envelopes surrounding evolved stars: Yong ZHANG (

High-energy astrophysical transients (gamma-ray bursts, tidal disruption events, EM counterparts to GWs): Rong-Feng SHEN (

High-energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy: Pak-Hin TAM (

Chemical evolution in stars and galaxies: Baitian TANG (

We invite applications for 3-year term contract-based research associates (with possibilities for tenure positions after two years or at end term), or 2-year term postdocs. Salaries for outstanding candidates will be competitive. Details can be found on our webpages ( We also invite Ph.D.s to apply for China-Chile Postdoc to work with Dr. Baitian TANG (

Applicants should have a good track record of publications in leading scientific journals. No teaching duties are required.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017
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Accepting Applicants
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Dr. Pak-Hin TAM