EUCLID Mission Scientific Software Developers - JRID41189

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December 31, 2011
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January 1, 2012
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Scientific/Technical Staff
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Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
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Large Academic
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Ms. Uta Le Guay
EUCLID Mission Applications
University Observatory
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Ludwig Maximilians University
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Scheiner Strasse 1
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The Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet Muenchen (LMU) is partner in the EUCLID mission which has recently been selected for the Cosmic Visions Program of the European Space Agency (ESA). The primary goal of the mission is to investigate the nature of dark energy and dark matter by measuring the accelerated expansion of the universe using different independent methods. The EUCLID satellite is expected to be launched in 2019 and has a mission lifetime of 6 years.

The responsibilities of the LMU Euclid group are focused on the ground segment of the mission. In particular we will be leading the efforts of reprocessing data from ongoing and near-term future ground based projects, such as Pan-STARRS and DES. In addition we contribute to the process of merging the ground based data with the satellite optical and NIR imaging and to the photometry of the combined data sets which is vital to the success of the EUCLID mission.

We offer three positions working on the development of a data management system for reprocessing of the ground based data and two positions working on the development of new algorithms to perform photometric measurements both on ground based external data sets and on the EUCLID satellite data (near-IR and optical). Involvement in the scientific exploitation of the Euclid dataset will be encouraged.

All applicants should have a University degree in Astronomy, Physics or Mathematics (PhD preferred) and should have extensive experience in the field of ground based astronomical surveys (preferably optical) and in the development of software. The efficient use of scripting and programming languages (such as perl/python and C/C++) is mandatory. Experience with the integration of software into larger data-management systems would be welcome, as would experience with batch job submission, databases and high performance computing environments. We presume good communication skills in the English language and the ability and willingness to work in an experienced and highly motivated multi-national team.

The contracts can start as early as January 1, 2012 with a six month probationary period through June 2012. Contracts will extend until the end of 2015 and are renewable through the end of the Euclid mission (currently 2025).

We offer an attractive working environment at the University Observatory in the Physics Department at the LMU. The Observatory hosts several groups with a broad range of astronomical interests ranging from stellar physics to cosmology. The salary will be based on the applicant's qualifications and experience. Applications from disabled persons are encouraged and will be favoured when equally qualified. The LMU is committed to increase the percentage of female employees in sectors where they are underrepresented. We want to especially encourage female applicants to apply for these positions.

For further information about the Institute and the EUCLID project we refer to:

For any further question do not hesitate to contact Prof. Joseph Mohr ( and Dr. Johannes Koppenhoefer ( Applications should contain a CV and publication list, a statement of scientific interest and the contact information for at least three references. Please send your application electronically to Ms. Uta Le Guay ( Applications will be considered as they arrive; we encourage you to submit an application by January 1, 2012.


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Benefits are the standard ones offered to all employees of the State of Bavaria. These include medical coverage, maternity leave and retirement. Please contact us for additional information.