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Archived New Ads Between: 2020-06-01 and 2020-06-30

TitleInstitution/OrganizationLocationPostedDeadlinePosition Status
Postdoctoral Research Positions in Astronomy and AstrophysicsUniversity of VictoriaVictoria, BC2020/06/272020/08/10Accepting Applicants
Science Operations Scientist - #0049342Space Telescope Science InstituteBaltimore, MD2020/06/272020/07/27Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral research position in observational astrophysicsMonterey Institute for Research in AstronomyMarina, CA2020/06/262020/07/27Accepting Applicants
Junior Electronics EngineerUniversity of California Santa CruzSanta Cruz, CA2020/06/262021/06/24Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral Position in ISM research with HyGAL dataUniversity of CologneKoeln, NRW2020/06/252020/07/23Accepting Applicants
Astronomer / Instrument Project ScientistEuropean Southern Observatory (ESO)Garching, Deutschland2020/06/252020/08/31Accepting Applicants
Unravelling Neural Networks with Structure-Preserving Computing: Neural networks for N-body simulations. Leiden UniversityLeiden, Noord Holland2020/06/252020/07/24Accepting Applicants
Instructor of Physics and Astronomy (Part-Time)Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2020/06/232021/01/04Accepting Applicants
Research Fellow in Multiwavelength Studies of Protoplanetary and Debris DisksUniversity of LeedsLeeds, West Yorkshire2020/06/232020/07/21Accepting Applicants
Adaptive Optics ScientistUniversity of ArizonaTucson, Arizona2020/06/232020/07/21No Status Given (Opted Out)
Project Assistant Professor, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) National Astronomical Observatory of JapanMitaka, Tokyo2020/06/222020/07/20No Status Given (Opted Out)
Adaptive Optics ScientistAURAHilo, Hawaii2020/06/202020/07/18Accepting Applicants
Tenure-track positions in astrophysics at Zhejiang UniversityZhejiang UniversityHangzhou, Zhejiang2020/06/202021/07/01Accepting Applicants
Adaptive Optics Scientist (Part-Time)AURA Hilo, Hawaii2020/06/202020/07/18Accepting Applicants
2020-2nd Faculty Positions in Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)Daejeon, Yuseong-Gu2020/06/182020/07/17Accepting Applicants
Two faculty positions at Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile)Universidad Andrés BelloSantiago, Metropolitana2020/06/172020/07/31Accepting Applicants
N. D. Goldsworthy Scholarship for Physics at the University of MelbourneUniversity of MelbourneMelbourne, VIC2020/06/152020/07/13Accepting Applicants
PhD positions in stellar and supernova astrophysicsStockholm UniversityStockholm, Stockholm2020/06/152020/08/01Accepting Applicants
Assistant Research Professor in Astronomy and Astrophysics - XRT Instrument ScientistPenn State UniversityUniversity Park, PA2020/06/152020/08/01Accepting Applicants
3 PhD positions in planetary science in Bern - Switzerland University of BernBERN, Bern2020/06/152020/07/30Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral position: participation to the exoplanet search project SPECULOOSUniversity of LiegeLiège, Liège2020/06/132020/07/31Accepting Applicants
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: Associate Professor in theoretical cosmology with focus on numerical studies of the cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, and the early UniverseAarhus UniversityAarhus, Aarhus2020/06/122020/09/01Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral position in gamma ray burst astrophysicsPolish Academy of SciencesWarsaw, Mazovia2020/06/122020/07/31Accepting Applicants
Senior Staff Astronomical Data ScientistSpace Telescope Science InstituteBaltimore, MD2020/06/122020/07/10Accepting Applicants
Staff Astronomical Data Scientist I- #0048665Space Telescope Science InstituteBaltimore, MD2020/06/122020/07/10Accepting Applicants
Engineer or Physicist MICADO (f/m/d) Max Planck Institute for AstronomyHeidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg2020/06/122020/07/17Accepting Applicants
PhD Student Position in 3D Mapping of the Milky WayMax Planck Institute for AstronomyHeidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg2020/06/112020/07/17Accepting Applicants
Instrument Scientist, AstronomySOFIA / Universities Space Research AssociationMoffett Field, CA2020/06/112020/09/14No Status Given (Opted Out)
Ground Support EngineerSOFIA / Universities Space Research AssociationPalmdale, CA2020/06/112020/09/14No Status Given (Opted Out)
Mission Operations Controller (Mission Director)SOFIA / Universities Space Research AssociationPalmdale, CA2020/06/112020/09/14No Status Given (Opted Out)
Director, Lunar & Planetary InstituteLPI / Universities Space Research AssociationHouston, TX2020/06/112020/08/12No Status Given (Opted Out)
Project SpecialistSOFIA / Universities Space Research AssociationMoffett Field, CA2020/06/112020/08/12No Status Given (Opted Out)
Project Specialist (Science Outreach)SOFIA / Universities Space Research AssociationMoffett Field, CA2020/06/112020/08/12No Status Given (Opted Out)
NAOJ Adaptive Optics Postdoctoral Fellow – ID# 220265Research Corporation of the University of HawaiiHonolulu, HI2020/06/112020/07/09Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral Researcher, Astronomy (Visiting)SOFIA / Universities Space Research AssociationMoffett Field, CA2020/06/112020/09/14No Status Given (Opted Out)
Associate Mission Operations Specialist (Telescope Operator)SOFIA / Universities Space Research AssociationPalmdale, CA2020/06/112020/09/14No Status Given (Opted Out)
Asst. Lecturer Physics Astronomy University of Wyoming Laramie, WY2020/06/102020/07/08Accepting Applicants
PhD scholarships in astrophysicsMacquarie UniversitySydney, NSW2020/06/102020/07/31Accepting Applicants
Research Fellow in Extra-Galactic AstrophysicsUniversity of SussexBrighton, East Sussex2020/06/062020/07/30Accepting Applicants
GeoCarb Deputy Instrument ScientistUniversity of OklahomaNorman, OK2020/06/042020/07/03Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral position on Cepheid astrophysicsNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CenterWarsaw, Mazovia2020/06/042020/07/05Accepting Applicants
Two postdoctoral fellowships in extragalactic astrophysics: High-redshift galaxy formation and the epoch of ReionizationUniversity of GroningenGroningen, Groningen2020/06/042020/07/30Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral Position in Star Formation & Observational AstrophysicsUniversity of Colorado, Boulder Boulder, Colorado2020/06/032020/07/15Accepting Applicants
Scientific Computing SpecialistWest Virginia UniversityMorgantown, WV2020/06/032020/07/02Interviewing Applicants
PhD positions in astrophysicsThe Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CenterWarsaw, Mazovia2020/06/032020/07/03Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral position on Galactic ArchaeologyNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CenterWarsaw, Mazovia2020/06/032020/07/31Accepting Applicants
Senior FPGA Firmware EngineerCSIROSydney, NSW2020/06/032020/07/01Accepting Applicants
Five-Year Post-Doctoral Research FellowshipAll Souls College, University of OxfordOxford, Oxfordshire2020/06/032020/09/11Accepting Applicants
IPA Program Directors National Science FoundationAlexandria, VA2020/06/012020/07/29Accepting Applicants
Postdoctoral Associate (Atomic Data and X-Ray Spectroscopy)University of MarylandCollege Park, MD2020/06/012020/09/15No Status Given (Opted Out)
IPAC at Caltech Seeks Scientific ProgrammerCaltech/IPACPasadena , California2020/06/012020/07/10Accepting Applicants