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  • Faculty Positions (visiting & non-tenure) — Time limited position at a university or college. Includes teaching responsibility.
  • Faculty Positions (tenure & tenure-track) — Permanent (or leading to a permanent) position at a university or college. Includes teaching responsibility.
  • Other — Any position that does not seem to fit.
  • Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions — Typically associated with a Fellowship or other source of funding to support those seeking a degree from an institution of higher education. May also include funding opportunities for exchange programs or other professional development.
  • Post-doctoral Positions & Fellowships — Typically located at a university, college or government lab. Allows recipient to pursue independent research or research support for a specific science program defined by the employer. Is limited to a pre-determined period of time. Usually does not include teaching responsibilities.
  • Science Engineering — Instrument design and development, software development, IT system support, and other project related responsibilities. Open-ended duration of employment.
  • Science Management — Runs projects and programs at universities, government or private industry. Open-ended employment.
  • Scientific/Technical Staff — Includes researchers at science centers, government labs, university, or private industry. May include both user support or project related work and time for individual research. Open-ended duration of employment. Usually does not include teaching. May or may not require PhD.


  • Some jobs reposted from prior months may have closing dates during the current month. Readers should pay careful attention to the posted closing dates.
  • Jobs marked as new were posted this month.

Current Job Ad Listing

Faculty Positions (visiting & non-tenure)
New #50109Director of the Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO (FINCA)University of Turku, FinlandJan 2015
New #50154Visiting Assistant ProfessorFranklin and Marshall CollegeJan 2015
New #50421Visiting Assistant Professor of AstronomySwarthmore CollegeJan 2015
New #50269Assistant Professor of Physics/AstronomyUniversity of Minnesota DuluthJan 2015
New #50360HSC Project Assistant ProfessorNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Subaru TelescopeJan 2015
#49878E-ELT Programme ScientistESO - European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern HemisphereDec 2014
#49938Head of Independent Research Group in Theoretical/Numerical Astrophysics at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg, Galaxies and Cosmology Department (14-18)Max Planck Institute for AstronomyDec 2014
#49984Assistant or Associate Scientist National Radio Astronomy ObservatoryDec 2014
#49442Non-Tenure Astronomy PositionUniversity of Texas at San AntonioNov 2014
Faculty Positions (tenure & tenure-track)
New #50112Associate Professorship in Extragalactic AstrophysicsInstitute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of OsloJan 2015
New #50119Lectureship in Astrophysics (Exoplanets)Queen Mary University of LondonJan 2015
New #50378Tenure track positions in instrumentation, SDSS science or planetary sciencesUnidad de Astronomía, Universidad de Antofagasta Jan 2015
New #50248Three Faculty Positions in Astronomy at SouthamptonUniversity of SouthamptonJan 2015
New #50265Tenure-track faculty position in observational astrophysicsRochester Institute of TechnologyJan 2015
New #50277Tenure-Track Assistant, Associate or Full AstronomerUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa, Institute for AstronomyJan 2015
New #50279Tenure-Track Assistant Astronomer in Solar PhysicsUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa, Institute for AstronomyJan 2015
New #50299FACULTY POSITIONS (ALL LEVELS) IN ASTRONOMY - UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF CHINADepartment of Astronomy, University of Science and Technology of ChinaJan 2015
New #50315Johns Hopkins University FACULTY POSITION IN DATA INTENSIVE ASTROPHYSICSJohns Hopkins University Dept of Physics & AstronomyJan 2015
New #50409Tenure-track position in AstrophysicsNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CenterJan 2015
New #50431Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of ExoplanetsJohns Hopkins UniversityJan 2015
New #50438Experimental Space Science Faculty PositionMontana State UniversityJan 2015
#49765Professor of Cosmoparticle physics at Stockholm University Department of Physics, Stockholm University Dec 2014
#49777Faculty position in observational cosmologyNational Astronomical Observatories of ChinaDec 2014
#49779Faculty Position in Particle Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation, Case Western Reserve University Department of PhysicsCase Western Reserve UniversityDec 2014
#49792Academic positions in Astrophysics, University of BathUniversity of BathDec 2014
#49907Faculty Position/Senior Lecturer in Cosmology and AstrophysicsICG, University of PortsmouthDec 2014
#49917Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in astronomy or astrophysicsMonash UniversityDec 2014
#49934Tenure-track faculty position in astronomyLeiden ObservatoryDec 2014
#49977Assistant or Associate AstronomerNational Radio Astronomy ObservatoryDec 2014
#50064Faculty Positions in the School of Earth and Space ExplorationArizona State UniversityDec 2014
#48984Faculty Positions in All Fields in AstrophysicsInstitute of Astronomy, Department of Physics, Tsinghua UniversityNov 2014
#49600Faculty Positions in Observation, Theory, or Instrumentation Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and AstrophysicsNov 2014
#49646Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Astroparticle Physics/Cosmology - Physics and Astronomy Department, Rice UniversityRice University - Physics & Astronomy DepartmentNov 2014
New #50140Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Programme for Summer Students (LEAPS)Leiden ObservatoryJan 2015
New #50161McGill Space Institute CoordinatorMcGill UniversityJan 2015
New #50238Operations Staff AstronomerEuropean Southern ObservatoryJan 2015
New #50263 REU Summer Assistantships in Radio Astronomy, Solar System Studies & Atmospheric SciencesArecibo ObservatoryJan 2015
New #50344Associate Research ScientistColumbia UniversityJan 2015
New #50363Support AstronomerW. M. Keck ObservatoryJan 2015
#49757"Big Data" Faculty PositionPurdue UniversityDec 2014
#49789ASTRON/ JIVE International Summer Students Programme 2015ASTRON / JIVEDec 2014
#49968Adaptive Optics ScientistLarge Binocular Telescope ObservatoryDec 2014
Post-doctoral Positions & Fellowships
New #49769Postdoctoral Positions in Astrophysics at the Centro de Radioastronomia y Astrofisica, UNAMCentro de Radioastronomia y Astrofisica, UNAMJan 2015
New #49811Postdoctoral Researcher on Galaxy Cluster CosmologyThe University of MelbourneJan 2015
New #50374John Bahcall Public Policy FellowshipThe American Astronomical SocietyJan 2015
New #50176Post-doctoral fellowship on Galactic archaeology with Gaia and the Gaia-ESO SurveyObservatoire de la Côte d'Azur (Nice, France)Jan 2015
New #50104Postdoctoral Position at the intersection between Theoretical and Observational Cosmology at UC irvineUC Irvine, Physics and AstronomyJan 2015
New #50130Postdoctoral Position in Computational and Theoretical Astrophysics at Universidad de Chile.Universidad de ChileJan 2015
New #50137PostdocStanford UniversityJan 2015
New #50145Postdoctoral Position in X-ray Astronomy and Galaxy/Galaxy-Cluster ResearchHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsJan 2015
New #50148Postdoctoral Researcher in high-energy astrophysics at the University of Michigan Department of AstronomyUniversity of MichiganJan 2015
New #50151Post-doctoral position in astrophysics at the Université de MontréalUniversité de MontréalJan 2015
New #50158Postdoctoral Support Position(s) at the ALMA ARC node at Leiden ObservatoryLeiden ObservatoryJan 2015
New #50164Postdoctoral Positions in Astrophysics, University of Science and Technology of ChinaUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaJan 2015
New #50167Postdoctoral Researcher in AstrophysicsUniversity of MelbourneJan 2015
New #50173Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Observational Extragalactic Sub-millimetre AstronomyCentre for Astrophysics Research, University of HertfordshireJan 2015
New #50191Postdoctoral researcher positions at the Collaborative Research Center "The Milky Way System" (SFB 881) in Heidelberg (Germany)Zentrum fuer Astronomie der Universitaet Heidelberg (ZAH)Jan 2015
New #50181Postdoctoral position in planet formation and migrationUniversity of Central Lancashire, UKJan 2015
New #50183ONE postdoctoral contract STRIPE82 project. INSTITUTO DE ASTROFÍSICA DE CANARIAS Jan 2015
New #50185Postdoctoral Research Associate in Theoretical Nuclear AstrophysicsUniversity of HertfordshireJan 2015
New #50188Position in LSST Data Management and galaxy surveys, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania and Princeton UniversityJan 2015
New #50195Research Fellow in AstrophysicsUniversity of SurreyJan 2015
New #50200Event Horizon Telescope Postdoctoral Fellowships at SAOSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryJan 2015
New #50206Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutron Star AstrophysicsUniversity of Amsterdam (Anton Pannekoek Institute)Jan 2015
New #50208Postdoctoral position in neutron star physicsUniversity of SouthamptonJan 2015
New #50214Postdoctoral ScholarCalifornia Institute of TechnologyJan 2015
New #50217Postdoctoral Fellow in Star Formation Theory and ComputationThe Australian National University Jan 2015
New #50222Post Doctoral Scientist- Microlensing Program - LCOGTLas Cumbres Observatory/UCSBJan 2015
New #50225Postdoctoral Scholar in Star Formation and Early Stellar EvolutionWestern Washington UniversityJan 2015
New #50228Post-doctoral position in computational high-energy astrophysicsAstroparticle and Cosmology Laboratory ParisJan 2015
New #50230Five Postdoctoral Position in astronomy and astrophysicsChalmers University of TechnologyJan 2015
New #50333Postdoctoral Researcher in Astronomical InstrumentationTexas A&M UniversityJan 2015
New #50233Postdoctoral Researcher in Galaxy and Cluster EvolutionAstrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool JMUJan 2015
New #50236Postdoctoral Researcher in Observations and Modelling of Explosive TransientsAstrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool JMUJan 2015
New #50241Postdoctoral Researcher in Galactic Star FormationAstrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool JMUJan 2015
New #50243Dennis Sciama Research Fellow at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth, UKICG University of PortsmouthJan 2015
New #50251Research Associate in Inverse ProblemsMullard Space Science Laboratory, University College LondonJan 2015
New #50253Research Fellow in Radio and High Energy Astrophysics at SouthamptonUniversity of SouthamptonJan 2015
New #50256Research Associate in Information EngineeringMullard Space Science Laboratory, University College LondonJan 2015
New #50258Postdoctoral Research in Magellanic Cloud Star FormationThe Johns Hopkins UniversityJan 2015
New #50261Postdoc in stellar abundancesUniversidad de ConcepcionJan 2015
New #50271Postdoctoral Research Position in Young StarsCalifornia Institute of TechnologyJan 2015
New #50284Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Radio Astronomy (Extragalactic Star Formation)University of HertfordshireJan 2015
New #50286Postdoctoral research position in ISM PhysicsHeidelberg University, Center for AstronomyJan 2015
New #50288Postdoctoral Research Associate for studies of dust and molecules in supernovae and supernova remnantsUniversity College LondonJan 2015
New #50292Postdoctoral position in data reduction pipeline development for IRIS, Thirty Meter Telescope University of California, San DiegoJan 2015
New #50294Postdoctoral Fellowship in Radio Interferometry Calibration and ImagingCSIRO Astronomy and Space Science - Australia Telescope National FacilityJan 2015
New #50296KIAA Postdoctoral Research Associate in Active and Inactive GalaxiesKAVLI INSTITUTE FOR ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS, PEKING UNIVERSITYJan 2015
New #50301 Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer Instrument ScientistUniversity of ArizonaJan 2015
New #50305SARChI Postdoctoral Fellowship in Extragalactic AstronomyUniversity of Cape TownJan 2015
New #50308Postdoctoral researcher in Extragalactic AstronomyASTRONJan 2015
New #50311Postdoctoral Position in Modelling Disk Winds in AGNUniversity of SouthamptonJan 2015
New #50320Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in energy sensitive detectors for visible/ near-IR astronomyUniversity of OxfordJan 2015
New #50323Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Extragalactic Radio AstronomyUniversity of HertfordshireJan 2015
New #50336Postdoc at ETH Zurich for MUSE Lyman alpha ETH ZurichJan 2015
New #50338Postdoctoral Research Associate in Astrochemical Studies of Complex Organic Molecules in SpaceUniversity College LondonJan 2015
New #50341Postdoctoral Position in Extragalactic X-Ray Binaries and Globular Cluster SystemsMichigan State UniversityJan 2015
New #50349Postdoctoral Fellow, Detection and Characterization of ExoplanetsHarvard College ObservatoryJan 2015
New #50351Postdoctoral Research Associate on the Design of the Euclid near-IR PipelineLeiden UniversityJan 2015
New #50358Postdoctoral Research Associate in Galaxy EvolutionLeiden UniversityJan 2015
New #50366Postdoctoral Position in Quasar Physics at the Dark Cosmology Centre, CopenhagenDark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institute, University of CopenhagenJan 2015
New #50391 The UC Berkeley Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Research Center (BSRC) UC Berkeley Space Science LabJan 2015
New #50394Postdoctoral Position in Disks around Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence StarsBoston UniversityJan 2015
New #50400Postdoctoral Research Associate Space Telescope Science InstituteJan 2015
New #50403Postdoctoral Fellow - The Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Manitoba Jan 2015
New #50411Post-doctoral position in AstrophysicsNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CenterJan 2015
New #50413Post-doctoral position in astrophysics of accreting sourcesNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CenterJan 2015
New #50424POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER POSITION, Extrasolar Planets – Ian Dobbs-Dixon, NYU Abu DhabiNew York University Abu DhabiJan 2015
New #50428Research AssociateKansas State University Department of PhysicsJan 2015
New #50435Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical High Energy AstrophysicsColumbia UniversityJan 2015
#49760Postdoctoral Research Positions in Magnetized Relativistic OutflowsOpen University of Israel and/or Ben-Gurion UniversityDec 2014
#49816Postdoctoral position in Atmospheric and Planetary Circulation and DynamicsExeter University, UKDec 2014
#49822Postdoctoral researcherIndiana UniversityDec 2014
#49831Postdoctoral position in Particle Acceleration High Energy AstrophysicsStanford UniversityDec 2014
#49842Postdoctoral Position in Reionization and Diffuse Cosmic GasSwinburne University of TechnologyDec 2014
#49857Research fellowships on planet formationUniversity of ChileDec 2014
#49894Helsinki Theoretical Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Helsinki, Department of PhysicsDec 2014
#49904Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Position in Active Black HolesAmherst CollegeDec 2014
#49909Postdoctoral Research Associate in Infrared InstrumentationCarnegie Institution for ScienceDec 2014
#49928SKA Project Scientist positions at ASTRONASTRONDec 2014
#49946Postdoctoral positions at Universidad Diego Portales in planets, supernovae and high-redshift galaxiesUniversidad Diego PortalesDec 2014
#49957Research Fellow in Astrophysics – Stellar Magnetic Field ModellingUniversity of St AndrewsDec 2014
#49960Three-year postdoctoral research position on the formation of massive starsUniversity of ExeterDec 2014
#49962Research Fellow in Astrophysics - Star Formation and the ISMUniversity of St AndrewsDec 2014
#49965Research Fellow in Astrophysics—Star FormationUniversity of St AndrewsDec 2014
#49987Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at Universidad Andres BelloUniversidad Andres BelloDec 2014
#49993Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Astrophysics of Star FormationLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryDec 2014
#50015Postdoctoral position in molecular clouds and star formationUniversity of ExeterDec 2014
#50020Postdoctoral Research Position in Infrared/Submillimetre Extragalactic AstronomyKapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen (NL)Dec 2014
#50030Kavli IPMU : PD, Project Scientist positions for “Big Data Analytics” by CREST (JST)Kavli IPMU / University of TokyoDec 2014
#50053Post-doctoral Position in Extragalactic or High Energy AstrophysicsUniversity of OklahomaDec 2014
#50061Postdoctoral Research Associate in Numerical Relativity or Computational AstrophysicsWest Virginia UniversityDec 2014
#50073NuSTAR postdoctoral position at University of California, Berkeley/Space Sciences LaboratoryUC Berkeley Space Science LabDec 2014
#50081NASA Postdoctoral FellowshipsNASA / Oak Ridge Associated UniversitiesDec 2014
#50090Postdoctoral positions in theoretical and numerical high energy astrophysicsTel Aviv UniveristyDec 2014
#49516Postdoctoral Position in Observational Early Universe Studies of Metal-Poor Stars and Chemical EvolutionMichigan State University and MITNov 2014
#49567Post-doctoral Research Position in Observational CosmologySmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryNov 2014
#49592Postdoctoral ResearcherArizona State UniversityNov 2014
#49247Postdoctoral Positions in Gravity, Cosmology, and AstrophysicsUW-Milwaukee, Dept of PhysicsOct 2014
Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions
New #50133 PhD programme at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de MarseilleLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de MarseilleJan 2015
#49926Leiden/Huygens PhD Prize FellowshipsLeiden Observatory, Leiden UniversityDec 2014
Science Engineering
New #50121Instrumentation PostdocYale UniversityJan 2015
New #50202Postdoctoral systems engineering in E-ELT instrumentation with focus on optical design and imaging astrometry at the (“Galaxies and Cosmology” Department), Ref. No. 14-19Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) Jan 2015
New #50274Research ScientistNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsJan 2015
New #50398Mechanical Engineer for Astronomy Instrumentation ProjectETH ZurichJan 2015
New #50406Chief Telescope EngineerNew Mexico State University/Apache Point ObservatoryJan 2015
#49744SKA SA AVN VLBI Operations and Commissioning ScientistSquare Kilometre Array South AfricaDec 2014
#50094Engineer - iLocater Project - Department of Physics, University of Notre DameUniversity of Notre DameDec 2014
Science Management
New #50281Chief ScientistW. M. Keck ObservatoryJan 2015
New #50355Associate Director for NOAO System Science and Data Center (NSSDC)AURA/NOAOJan 2015
New #50388Leader, SKA Dish ConsortiumCSIRO Astronomy and Space ScienceJan 2015
#49975Education and Public Outreach Project ManagerAURA/LSSTDec 2014
#49728IPA Discipline Scientists in Astrophysics at NASA HeadquartersNASA HeadquartersNov 2014
Scientific/Technical Staff
New #50481Astronomy Sales & Technical Support SpecialistAndor TechnologyJan 2015
New #50124Instrumentation TechnicianYale UniversityJan 2015
New #50142Staff Scientist/Scientific Research AssociateCalifornia Institute of TechnologyJan 2015
New #50385Astronomer (Program Director)National Science FoundationJan 2015
New #50197Staff Position in Infrared AstronomyU.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff StationJan 2015
New #50211Support ScientistSpace Telescope Science InstituteJan 2015
New #50219Program Chief Scientist, Exoplanet Exploration ProgramJet Propulsion LaboratoryJan 2015
New #50313Summer Student Program - INTERNSHIPSpace Telescope Science InstituteJan 2015
New #50327Radio Data ScientistUniversity of WisconsinJan 2015
New #50347Senior Systems Administrator (Department of Astronomy)Indiana UniversityJan 2015
#49846Astrophysics Scientific Programmer (Experimental Officer)University of SurreyDec 2014
#49951Research Instrument AnalystSpace Telescope Science InstituteDec 2014
#49678Tenure Track AstronomerAURA/Gemini ObservatoryNov 2014