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  • Faculty Positions (visiting & non-tenure) — Time limited position at a university or college. Includes teaching responsibility.
  • Faculty Positions (tenure & tenure-track) — Permanent (or leading to a permanent) position at a university or college. Includes teaching responsibility.
  • Other — Any position that does not seem to fit.
  • Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions — Typically associated with a Fellowship or other source of funding to support those seeking a degree from an institution of higher education. May also include funding opportunities for exchange programs or other professional development.
  • Post-doctoral Positions & Fellowships — Typically located at a university, college or government lab. Allows recipient to pursue independent research or research support for a specific science program defined by the employer. Is limited to a pre-determined period of time. Usually does not include teaching responsibilities.
  • Science Engineering — Instrument design and development, software development, IT system support, and other project related responsibilities. Open-ended duration of employment.
  • Science Management — Runs projects and programs at universities, government or private industry. Open-ended employment.
  • Scientific/Technical Staff — Includes researchers at science centers, government labs, university, or private industry. May include both user support or project related work and time for individual research. Open-ended duration of employment. Usually does not include teaching. May or may not require PhD.


  • Some jobs reposted from prior months may have closing dates during the current month. Readers should pay careful attention to the posted closing dates.
  • Jobs marked as new were posted this month.

Current Job Ad Listing

Faculty Positions (visiting & non-tenure)
New #50597Knud Højgaard Assistant Professor in Theoretical Physics at The Niels Bohr InstituteNiels Bohr InstituteMar 2015
New #50680LecturersEast Tennessee State UniversityMar 2015
New #50708NAOJ Project Assistant Professor position as a Support Astronomers at the East Asian ALMA Regional Center (EA-ARC) in Tokyo, JapanNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)Mar 2015
New #50728Astronomy & Physics LecturerUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnMar 2015
New #50752Director of Observatory/Advanced Physics teacherSt. Paul's SchoolMar 2015
#50486Teaching Assistant ProfessorWest Virginia UniversityFeb 2015
Faculty Positions (tenure & tenure-track)
New #50616Tenure Track Faculty Position in Engineering Physics Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, FLEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityMar 2015
New #50633Reader/Senior Lecturer (1 Post) and Lecturer (1 Post) in AstrophysicsLancaster UniversityMar 2015
New #50658Lecturer in AstrophysicsUniversity of HullMar 2015
New #50667NAOJ Job Announcement Associate Professor, Solar-C Project OfficeNational Astronomical Observatory of JapanMar 2015
New #50619Associate EditorAAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)Mar 2015
New #50628Assistant/Research AssistantPenn State UniversityMar 2015
New #50638Academic Support (Educational Specialist) #0077376TUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa, Institute for AstronomyMar 2015
New #50670Research Associate-Precision RV InstrumentationPenn State UniversityMar 2015
New #50742AAO Research AstronomerAustralian Astronomical ObservatoryMar 2015
Post-doctoral Positions & Fellowships
New #50586Postdoctoral Position in Galactic Archaeology at the Stellar Astrophysics Centre, Aarhus UniversityStellar Astrophysics Centre, Aarhus UniversityMar 2015
New #50613Postdoctoral Research fellowships in observational, theoretical, and/or computational astrophysics and instrumentationPontificia Universidad Catolica de ChileMar 2015
New #50622Postdoctoral Research ScientistColumbia UniversityMar 2015
New #50631Postdoctoral Position on Exoplanet Atmospheric CharacterizationSpace Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Graz, AustriaMar 2015
New #50635Postdoctoral research position on distant star-forming galaxiesUniversity of Geneva, Geneva ObservatoryMar 2015
New #50640Postdoctoral Position at KASIKorea Astronomy and Space Science InstituteMar 2015
New #50643Three postdoctoral positions in Globular Clusters and Galaxy EvolutionAstrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool JMUMar 2015
New #50652Post-Doctoral Researcher - (Sub-)millimeter studies of galaxiesMax Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA)Mar 2015
New #50655Postdoctoral position at IRAP on Herschel-HIFI data analysis/AstrochemistryIRAP/CNRS-UPSMar 2015
New #50660Milne Research FellowUniversity of HullMar 2015
New #50662CTA postdoctoral fellowships in ChilePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileMar 2015
New #50665Post doctoral position in dust evolution studies at the IASInstitut d'Astrophysique SpatialeMar 2015
New #50673Two Postdoctoral positions in the ERC group “From Cloud to Star Formation” in the Planet and Star Formation Department at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg (Reference number 15-04)Max Planck Institute for AstronomyMar 2015
New #50675Postdoctoral Scholar- Precision RV InstrumentationPenn State UniversityMar 2015
New #50683Postdoctoral positions on extragalactic accreting binaries and stellar populations at the University of Crete Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas / University of CreteMar 2015
New #50685Postdoc in Solar Physics and Numerical Simulations, NorthWest Research Associates, Boulder ColoradoNorthWest Research Associates, Boulder Colorado officeMar 2015
New #50692Postdoctoral research position in Galactic Archaeology/Near-field cosmology in the Gaia eraKapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of GroningenMar 2015
New #50702Post-doctoral positions in Cosmology with the SKAUniversity of the Western CapeMar 2015
New #50721Postdoctoral Researcher - Cosmic Surveys and Active GalaxiesPenn State UniversityMar 2015
New #50724Harvard Future Faculty Leaders Postdoctoral FellowshipHarvard UniversityMar 2015
New #50757Space Science & Applications PostdocLos Alamos National LaboratoryMar 2015
New #50760One postdoctoral contract within the framework of the STARBURSTS project.Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias Mar 2015
New #50790One postdoctoral contract X-RAY BINARIES project.Instituto de Astrofisica de CanariasMar 2015
#50483Postdoctoral Fellowship, Compact Object AccretionUniversity of Michigan AstronomyFeb 2015
#50415Research FellowMacquarie UniversityFeb 2015
#50463Three postdoctoral positions in supernova/transient astrophysicsMillennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS)Feb 2015
#50509Post-doctoral position in Cosmology at CEFCA (Teruel, Spain)Centro de Estudios de Fisica del Cosmos de Aragon (CEFCA)Feb 2015
#50567The UC Berkeley Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Research Center (BSRC) UC Berkeley Space Science LabFeb 2015
#50608POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER POSITION Extrasolar Planets – Ian Dobbs-Dixon NYU Abu DhabiNew York University Abu DhabiFeb 2015
#50374John Bahcall Public Policy FellowshipThe American Astronomical SocietyJan 2015
#50296KIAA Postdoctoral Research Associate in Active and Inactive GalaxiesKAVLI INSTITUTE FOR ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS, PEKING UNIVERSITYJan 2015
#50081NASA Postdoctoral FellowshipsNASA / Oak Ridge Associated UniversitiesDec 2014
Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions
New #50600PhD position in Radioastronomy Hamburg University - Hamburg ObservatoryMar 2015
New #50605“La Caixa - Severo Ochoa” predoctoral positions in Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology and Instrumentation R&D at IFAE Barcelona Institut de Física d'Altes Energies (IFAE), BarcelonaMar 2015
New #50715PhD fellowship in jet-energetics and feedback processes within active galactic nucleiKapteyn Astronomical Institute / ASTRONMar 2015
New #50745PhD: Quantitative Stellar Spectroscopy: from Observations to Fundamental PhysicsKU LeuvenMar 2015
Science Engineering
#50274Research ScientistNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsJan 2015
Science Management
New #50646Director - Space Telescope Science InstituteSpace Telescope Science InstituteMar 2015
#50355Associate Director for NOAO System Science and Data Center (NSSDC)AURA/NOAOJan 2015
Scientific/Technical Staff
New #50718Observatory ScientistNational Radio Astronomy ObservatoryMar 2015
New #50695Research associate position (JWST instrument scientist) in experimental astrophysics at the Université de Montréal Institut de recherche sur les exoplanètes / Observatoire du Mont-MéganticMar 2015
New #50706Science Operations Specialist (SOS)Gemini Observatory (AURA)Mar 2015
New #50735ScientistNSO AURAMar 2015
#50559Polarimetry Scientist AURA/NSOFeb 2015