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  • Faculty Positions (visiting & non-tenure) — Time limited position at a university or college. Includes teaching responsibility.
  • Faculty Positions (tenure & tenure-track) — Permanent (or leading to a permanent) position at a university or college. Includes teaching responsibility.
  • Other — Any position that does not seem to fit.
  • Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions — Typically associated with a Fellowship or other source of funding to support those seeking a degree from an institution of higher education. May also include funding opportunities for exchange programs or other professional development.
  • Post-doctoral Positions & Fellowships — Typically located at a university, college or government lab. Allows recipient to pursue independent research or research support for a specific science program defined by the employer. Is limited to a pre-determined period of time. Usually does not include teaching responsibilities.
  • Science Engineering — Instrument design and development, software development, IT system support, and other project related responsibilities. Open-ended duration of employment.
  • Science Management — Runs projects and programs at universities, government or private industry. Open-ended employment.
  • Scientific/Technical Staff — Includes researchers at science centers, government labs, university, or private industry. May include both user support or project related work and time for individual research. Open-ended duration of employment. Usually does not include teaching. May or may not require PhD.


  • Some jobs reposted from prior months may have closing dates during the current month. Readers should pay careful attention to the posted closing dates.
  • Jobs marked as new were posted this month.

Current Job Ad Listing

Faculty Positions (visiting & non-tenure)
New #53504Lunar and Planetary Science PositionsUniversity of Central Florida/Florida Space InstituteFeb 2016
New #53485Instructor Position in Astronomy and PhysicsUniversity of ManitobaFeb 2016
New #53531Visiting Assistant Professor of AstronomySwarthmore CollegeFeb 2016
New #53534Support Astronomers at the East Asian ALMA Regional Center (EA-ARC)National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)Feb 2016
New #53573Research Assistant or Research Associate Professor of Astronomy, University of WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonFeb 2016
New #53624Research Assistant Professor Position in Survey ScienceUniversity of PittsburghFeb 2016
New #53692Visiting Faculty Position in AstronomyMount Holyoke CollegeFeb 2016
New #53721Astronomy instructor full-time, non-tenure-track faculty Colorado State UniversityFeb 2016
#52851Faculty Position in Physics at Rhodes CollegeRhodes CollegeJan 2016
#53305Faculty Fellow in AstrophysicsColby CollegeJan 2016
Faculty Positions (tenure & tenure-track)
New #52912Faculty Positions at School of Physics, HUSTSchool of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Feb 2016
New #53452Assistant Professor of PhysicsDelta State UniversityFeb 2016
New #53488Assistant Professor of PhysicsDelta State UniversityFeb 2016
New #53507Assistant ProfessorColumbia UniversityFeb 2016
New #53510Tenure and Tenure-track Faculty positions in Astronomy - University of Science and Technology of ChinaUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaFeb 2016
New #53557Assistant/Associate Tenure-Track Professor University of Missouri Feb 2016
New #53585UNSW / AAO LecturerUNSW AustraliaFeb 2016
New #53621Tenure Track Faculty in Astronomy and Sabbatical Replacement Instructor PositionsEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityFeb 2016
New #53644Tenure-track position openNicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CenterFeb 2016
New #53724Lectureship/ Senior Lectureship / Readership in Space Plasma PhysicsQueen Mary University of LondonFeb 2016
New #53539Outreach AstronomerESO - European Southern ObservatoryFeb 2016
New #53569Gemini Astronomy InternGemini/AURAFeb 2016
New #53604Postdoctoral ScientistUSRAFeb 2016
New #53637Software Developer IILSST/AURAFeb 2016
#53256Adaptive Optics Scientist - Staff AstronomerEuropean Southern ObservatoryJan 2016
#53271Astrophysicist (Technical Assistant) 16-13Smithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryJan 2016
Post-doctoral Positions & Fellowships
New #52494Research AssociateThe National Radio Astronomy ObservatoryFeb 2016
New #53059Postdoctoral Position with the LSST group, University of WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonFeb 2016
New #53450Research Associate position in Galaxy formationMinnesota Institute for AstrophysicsFeb 2016
New #53448Recruitment for FAST Distinguished Young Researchers in ISM Group, NAOCNational Astronomical Observatories, the Chinese Academy of SciencesFeb 2016
New #53460Post-doctoral research assistant at Paris Observatory on the study of the Galactic Center and general relativity with the VLTI/GRAVITY instrumentParis Observatory / LESIAFeb 2016
New #53462Cassini Fellowship INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di BolognaFeb 2016
New #53473Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of PhysicsThe University of Hong KongFeb 2016
New #53477Postdoctoral Position in Interstellar/Circumstellar DustBeijing Normal UniversityFeb 2016
New #53480Postdoc in astronomical instrumentation or associated fieldUniversidad de ConcepcionFeb 2016
New #53491Post-doc position on intermediate-mass black holes at SRON & Radboud University the NetherlandsSRON Netherlands Institute for Space ResearchFeb 2016
New #53501Postdoctoral Associate in Galaxy FormationPurdue UniversityFeb 2016
New #53514Postdoctoral Fellowships in Astrophysics, University of Science and Technology of ChinaUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaFeb 2016
New #53518Postdoctoral Researcher in CMB PolarizationThe University of MelbourneFeb 2016
New #53520Leon Van Speybroeck Post-Doctoral Fellowship in X-ray opticsSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryFeb 2016
New #53525Postdoctoral Position in Optical Metrology for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detection (331-300)USRAFeb 2016
New #53528Post-doctoral Position in Inhomogeneous Relativistic CosmologyObservatoire de Lyon - CRALFeb 2016
New #53537Two ERC-funded Postdoctoral Positions in High-z Galaxy Evolution and JWST/MIRI Software and ScienceKapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of GroningenFeb 2016
New #53542Postdoctoral Fellow in Extragalactic AstrophysicsUniversity of BirminghamFeb 2016
New #53562Postdoctoral position in exoplanet imaging at StanfordKavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and CosmologyFeb 2016
New #53567Event Horizon Telescope Postdoctoral Fellowships at SAOSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryFeb 2016
New #53571LSST Software/Algorithms Postdocs, University of WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonFeb 2016
New #53577Postdoctoral Positions at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory working with TianMa Radio TelescopeShanghai Astronomical ObservatoryFeb 2016
New #53588Cape Town Centre for Extragalactic Theory FellowshipUniversity of the Western CapeFeb 2016
New #53590Postdoctoral Position in AstrophysicsXiamen UniversityFeb 2016
New #53597Postdoctoral Position in Galaxy Evolution and Photometric Redshifts with VIDEO and EuclidUniversity of OxfordFeb 2016
New #53600Gemini Adaptive Optics Science FellowGemini/AURAFeb 2016
New #53602Postdoctoral Position in Exoplanet Atmospheres University of ExeterFeb 2016
New #53608Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Planet Formation and Protoplanetary Disc Dynamics Queen Mary University of LondonFeb 2016
New #53617Event Horizon Telescope Postdoctoral Position at U. de Concepcion, ChileUniversidad de ConcepcionFeb 2016
New #53626Postdoctoral Position in Astronomy for project titled “WFIRST Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey” University of WashingtonFeb 2016
New #53630Instrumentation Postdocs for the CHIME Fast Radio Burst backendMcGill University, U. British Columbia, U. TorontoFeb 2016
New #53666Postdoctoral Positions in Radio Astronomy Techniques & TechnologiesRhodes University / SKA SAFeb 2016
#53166Five Postdoctoral Fellowships at Yonsei UniversityDepartment of Astronomy, Yonsei UniversityJan 2016
#53230Postdoctoral Research Position in AGN and Galaxy EvolutionUniversity of California, RiversideJan 2016
#53236Postdoctoral Position in Galaxy EvolutionInstitut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP) - ToulouseJan 2016
#53267NRAO-Research AssociateThe National Radio Astronomy Observatory Jan 2016
#53287Postdoctoral Researcher in Theoretical Galaxy EvolutionUniversity of PortsmouthJan 2016
#53303Postdoctoral Positions in Astrophysics - Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM INSTITUTO DE ASTRONOMIA - UNAMJan 2016
#53321Postdoctoral position in Cosmology and Astrophysics at Stockholm University (associated with Nordita)Stockholm University ( associted with Nordita)Jan 2016
#53328Black Hole Feedback in Galaxies and ClustersUniversity of Waterloo Physics & AstronomyJan 2016
#53345IRAM Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Millimeter AstronomyIRAMJan 2016
#53372Postdoctoral Researcher - Laboratory for Adaptive Optics University of California ObservatoriesJan 2016
#53382 Galactic Center Group Postdoc UCLAJan 2016
#52777Postdoctoral Fellowship in Exoplanets and Large SurveysVanderbilt UniversityDec 2015
#52909Postdoc positions in high-energy astrophysics in HUSTInstitute of Particle physics and Astronomy, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Dec 2015
New #52329NRL-NRC Postdoctoral Fellowships in AstrophysicsNaval Research LaboratoryNov 2015
New #52331NRL-NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Transient Radio Astronomy: VLITENaval Research LaboratoryNov 2015
Pre-doctoral/Graduate Positions
New #53465Research AssociateCardiff University, School of Physics & AstronomyFeb 2016
New #53494PhD positions at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research & Radboud University the Netherlands to search for intermediate-mass black holes SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research & Radboud UniversityFeb 2016
#53196Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers in Astrophysics (two posts)University of LeedsJan 2016
#53215PhD programme at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de MarseilleLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de MarseilleJan 2016
#53310Pre-Doctoral International Scholarships in Astronomy & AstrophysicsThe Australian National UniversityJan 2016
#53281PhD positions at Shanghai Astronomical ObservatoryShanghai Astronomical ObservatoryJan 2016
Science Engineering
New #53579Electronics EngineerCarnegie ObservatoriesFeb 2016
New #53639Software Developer IIILSST/AURAFeb 2016
Science Management
New #53522Director of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (381-1500)USRAFeb 2016
#53358Principal Investigator for the TMT/WFOS SpectrographUniversity of California ObservatoriesJan 2016
#53364UCO Deputy DirectorUniversity of California ObservatoriesJan 2016
Scientific/Technical Staff
New #53498Assistant Scientist at Gemini SouthGemini/AURAFeb 2016
New #53547Assistant Scientist- The National Radio Astronomy Observatory The NATIONAL RADIO ASTRONOMY OBSERVATORY Feb 2016
New #53545Assistant/Research Assistant Pennsylvania State UniversityFeb 2016
New #53552Archive ScientistSpace Telescope Science InstituteFeb 2016
New #53575 LSST Research Scientist at the University of WashingtonUniversity of WashingtonFeb 2016
New #53582Scientific Programmer-DeveloperCarnegie ObservatoriesFeb 2016
New #53594E-ELT/METIS Calibration ScientistLeiden ObservatoryFeb 2016
New #53612Deputy Director for TechnologyLOWELL OBSERVATORYFeb 2016
New #53614Support AstronomerNew Mexico State University / Apache Point ObservatoryFeb 2016
New #53635Senior Technical OfficerUniversity of HertfordshireFeb 2016
New #53649Astronomer (Program Director)National Science FoundationFeb 2016
New #53661Research Technician IIIGeorgia State UniversityFeb 2016
New #53663Instrumentation ScientistGMTO CorporationFeb 2016
New #53669Telescope Operations SpecialistAstrophysical Research Consortium / Apache Point ObservatoryFeb 2016
#53217Astrophysicist 16-11Smithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryJan 2016
#53252Project ScientistSKA OrganisationJan 2016
#53276Research and Instrument AnalystsSpace Telescope Science InstituteJan 2016
#53413Instrument Scientist (Research Scientist)The Ohio State UniversityJan 2016